Hi, I’m glad your here! I’ve decided to share many bits and pieces of my life to hopefully help someone out. This could be you!

I like to be prepared in everything I do. However, life gets in the way. So, you and me need to be prepared.

Since I’ve been a Real Estate Agent, Business Owner, Caregiver, Wife ,Mom and Grandmother you can understand how I need to be prepared for what ever comes my way.

When I was a R.E. Agent, I took a lot of classes on how to block time. Where were these classes when I was raising my kids 30 years ago. Oh well, at least I got to take them some point in my life. Right ?

I went out and bought a planner after I took those classes. Then I found out I have to take a class on how to use the planner. Oh my goodness, Really! I was so confused.

However, after I got over that and realized I needed to learn how to use this planner, I went out and bought a .59 notebook. That was much easier to use. I made a list of items that I felt were important.

My Items of Importance:

Day & Date

I would log my weight

My work schedule

A list of stuff I need to do that day

What I’m making for dinner

Any appointments for that day

Then I would add a Diary area

Maybe these will help you customize your planner or you could go out and buy one. Oh by the way, I finally did go buy one. But, never took a class. I’ m going to figure it out myself.

Time is a huge factor in our life’s,and we can’t get it back. I find the planner as a great tool to invest in on a yearly basis.

I hope this helped !

Till next time , Sue

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